Recipe of the month

See our sugar free guava paste.


Guava with Jelly/                                        Guava Cream/                                                Guava Jelly/

Guayaba Mechada                                      Crema de Guayaba                                       Jalea de Guayaba                                   

Size: 8 oz.                                                      Size: 8 oz.                                                      Size: 8 oz.



Mango Cream/                                            Guava Paste/                                                  Quince Paste/

Crema de Mango                                        Dulce de Guayaba                                         Membrillo

Size: 8 oz.                                                     Size: 8 oz.                                                       Size: 8 oz.



Orange Cream/                                           

Crema de Naranja                                       

Size: 8 oz.                                                    



Guava with Jelly/                                        Guava Cream/                                                Quince Paste/

Guayaba Mechada                                      Crema de Guayaba                                       Membrillo                                   

Size: 15 oz.                                                   Size: 15 oz.                                                      Size: 15 oz.



Dulce de Leche/                                             Mango Paste/                                                Guava Paste/

Milk Cream                                                   Dulce de Mango                                            Dulce de Guayaba                                   

Size: 15 oz.                                                     Size: 15 oz.                                                      Size: 15 oz.



Sugar Free Guava Paste/                              Napolitano(2 flavors)/                                 Napolitano (3 flavors)/

Dulce de Guayaba Sin AzĂșcar                     Guava & Dulce de Leche                            Mango, Guava & Dulce de Leche                                   

Size: 7 oz.                                                       Size: 8 oz.                                                      Size: 15 oz.



Guava with Jelly/                                        Guava Cream/                                                Dulce de Leche/

Guayaba Mechada                                      Crema de Guayaba                                       Milk Cream                                    

Size: 16 oz.                                                   Size: 16 oz.                                                      Size: 8 oz.