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See our sugar free guava paste.

Today we produce over 20 different products ranging from Guava Paste to Dulce de Leche, and can be found throughout the major US Supermarkets in Florida, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Texas and California.   Latin Food Holdings, Inc's. goal is to continue providing homemade taste by using premium quality products and old fashion techniques demanded by our customers.  Our success has been the personal touch and pride that our employees provide in each one of the products produced in the United States.


About Us

Latin Food Holdings, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing company that produces “La Cubanita” brand for the US Hispanic market.  In 1982 ,“La Cubanita” brand started as a nostalgic company producing products for Cuban immigrants longing for authentic products from their homeland.  Since 1982, “La Cubanita” has continued using its old fashion homemade recipes to produce high quality desserts for the not only the Cuban population, but also the Mexican, Puerto Rican, South American, Spaniard & US Hispanic population.